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Since 1972, Japanese students seeking to earn degrees from American educational institutions have turned to the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad (SISA) for guidance through the entire process. SISA encourages students' interest in international study, and provides them with the advice and tools that will ensure their success as they meet the inevitable challenges along the way.

SISA Free Seminar Our personal relationship with each student has resulted in SISA's impeccable reputation, well known to educators and students in Japan, China, and the United States.

Every month, Yoko Sakae conducts free seminars in Tokyo and Osaka about the U.S. educational system, and how international students fit into it. In order to cater to everyone's needs, SISA designs separate workshops for prospective high school students, and college and graduate students. These seminars are extremely popular, and are attended by over a thousand students and parents every year.

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