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In October 2006, SISA launched the first and only Japanese-language college guide website, The Sakae Guide to U.S. Colleges and Universities.

the Sakae Guide It is a comprehensive online resource providing information about U.S. colleges and universities, in Japanese and Chinese. The Japanese government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) selected Sakae Institute for a competitive grant to sponsor this website.

Students preparing to study abroad visit www.ryugaku.ne.jp/en, which includes information on over 1,400 schools and their programs of study, sports offerings, SAT*/ACT scores, and admissions criteria. We provide our own in-depth description of each school based on independent research and our unique ability to see each school from the perspective of the Japanese and Chinese students. We also rate each school (1.0-5.0), based on its suitability for international students, taking into consideration factors such as support services, safety, on-campus housing availability, and retention rate.

Advertise your school to Japan & China !

In the school profile on this website "SAKAE GUIDE", we will add a link to your advertisement. Each school will have 1 page to advertise.

Although we will give you some guidelines for the advertisement and translate it into Japanese, you are welcome to tailor this advertisement to demonstrate your school’s originality on your own terms.

If you prefer to have the Sakae Institute create your advertisement independently, we would be happy to assist you in this regard as well.

Visit the Sakae Guide to U.S. Colleges and Universities

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