SISA: Sakae Institute of Study Abroad

Since 1972, Japanese students seeking to earn degrees from American educational institutions have turned to the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad (SISA) for guidance through the entire process. SISA encourages students’ interest in international study, and provides them with the advice and tools that will ensure their success as they meet the inevitable challenges along the way. .

SISA is the gold standard in the international study arena. Unlike other study abroad agents, whose primary job is placing students in US schools without proper research or follow up, 93% of students placed through SISA successfully receive their degrees in the United States. We maintain our standing by expertly evaluating applicants’ goals and abilities, and matching the student to the best-fit school. It is only after extensive personal counseling and careful consideration that students apply to the schools and programs that meet their individual needs. .

Our personal relationship with each student has resulted in SISA’s impeccable reputation, well known to educators and students in Japan, China, and the United States. In the past 35 years, more than 6,000 Japanese and Chinese students have graduated from U.S. high schools, colleges, and universities under the tutelage of founder Yoko Sakae and her counseling staff. More than 900 SISA students are currently enrolled in degree programs at institutions in the U.S.

About Yoko SAKAE

More than thirty-five years ago, after completing her Master's degree in Secondary Education and Counseling in the United States, Yoko SAKAE realized there was a genuine need for an organization that would provide counseling for Japanese students who wished not only to study in the United States, but also to receive a degree from an American educational institution. She therefore established the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad (SISA) in 1972. Its mission is to provide information, private counseling and placement services for Japanese who wish to graduate from American educational institutions.

Since its founding, more than five thousand SISA students have graduated from American high schools, universities, and graduate schools, and many have continued on into careers with major corporations and international organizations, including the United Nations. More than eight hundred SISA students are currently enrolled in degree programs at institutions in the United States.

As a recognized authority in the field of study abroad, Yoko Sakae is in high demand as a speaker, traveling throughout Japan to give presentations to schools and organizations. She has appeared on major network talk shows and has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Yoko Sakae and the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad have published more than 50 books and magazines on studying abroad.

≫ Yoko Sakae's publications, news paper articles that show active role in international education in Japan

Sakae Institute – USA (Sakae Boston Office)

Sakae Institute – USA, founded in Boston, Massachusetts, nearly 20 years ago, acts as the domestic liaison for schools, students and the SISA Tokyo, Osaka, and Beijing offices. Our Boston staff provides follow-up services for Sakae students enrolled in US schools, and supports the SISA oversea offices through contact with American colleges and universities. The Boston office is also responsible for direct coordination and supervision of the summer and winter ESL (English as a Second Language) programs.

Sakae Institute – USA began recruiting Chinese students to study in the U.S. in 2004. Using the same ‘Sakae method’ we employ with our Japanese students, but tailored to the unique needs of Chinese students, SISA has already established a first-class reputation in China. In 2006, we worked with more than 100 Chinese applicants, all of whom gained admission with scholarship to accredited U.S. colleges. Sakae Institute – USA is also working with universities in China to create 2+2 programs with universities in the U.S.

In its height of global student mobilization, Sakae Institute -USA further extends its effort and resource to reach out potential students in other parts of Asia and provide with access to US higher education and scholarship opportunity. In our ongoing effort, we have explored and established trustful relationships with local agents, which practice justice and fair trade in international education.

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